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How it works

Trinergy is an all-in-one energy management software that allows companies to reduce energy costs, reach sustainability goals and save time by following 4 logical steps.


You define your energy and sustainability strategy, our software will do the work. 

Gather data

Set up your EAN meters and the linked buildings and their square meters. Trinergy will fill the consumption data automatically.

Generate insights

Easily generate insights thanks to the clear reporting, dashboarding and contract comparing tool.

Take actions

Based on the data and insights as well as your energy and sustainability strategy, you’ll be able to take the right actions and reach your objectives

Reach objectives

Last but not least, reach or crush your economic and ecologic objectives. Pay less, pollute less and save more time. 

Gather data

Generate insights

Take actions

Reach objectives


Energy Management Software


We are here to help you achieve your sustainability and energy efficiency goals.
If you need any help in your decision process, we’re right by your side.

Better energy buying decisions

Compare different contracts from different suppliers based on your real data and estimated future consumption. This allows you to always have the best price and model for your needs. 

Trustworthy Budgets

Predict partly or completely (depending on the kind of contract you have) what your future spending will be. Make sure to keep your budgets in line with your general strategy.

Compliant reports and certifications

Generate automated reports to be compliant with (local) rules and regulations. Automatically report and/or export the right data to apply for certain certifications like ISO 50.001.

Anomalies and inefficiencies Automatically detect abnormal energy consumption and zero usage meters and protect yourself from wasting a lot of money and CO².  
Invoice verification and split billing

Automatically verify incoming invoices with real consumption and the correct contracts and clauses. No more manual work, never pay too much anymore. Re-allocate and split the energy invoice between your tenants based on their real consumption, automatically

Time savings for all

Thanks to our all-in-one energy management software, every single stakeholder will gain time, have easy access to insights and thus, be even more productive!