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With more than 10 years of experience in energy management, we’re pretty confident that our platform has everything you need to be successful in decreasing your energy costs, achieving your sustainability goals and saving time yourself. 

Features for:

Energy Management Platform

Features for Energy
& Facility Managers

  • Compare energy efficiency between buildings.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Historical, current and future energy consumption analysis.
  • Clear view on all meters and submeters.
energy management platform for energy and facility managers

Features for Purchasing Teams

  • Compare contracts from different suppliers.
  • Easily simulate future spending and create budgets.
  • Buying advice notification based on your strategy.
  • Have a confident view on future current and future consumption.
Energy Management for purchasing teams

Features for Sustainability
& CSR Teams

  • Automatic data gathering and normalisation.
  • Deep reporting into energy efficiency per building.
  • Energy accounting reports.
  • Building energy signature .
energy platform for sustainability teams

Features for Financial controlling Teams

  • Clear and correct energy budgets for the future.
  • Invoice verification for incoming energy bills.
  • Re-allocate and re-bill energy between your tenants.
  • Reduce costs and save valuable time for all energy stakeholders.
Energy management platform for financial teams

Features for condominium managers

  • Compare contracts from different suppliers.
  • Automated incoming invoice management with API connection to bookkeeping tool.
  • Generate legal reports related to energy and sustainability for your buildings.
  • Reduce operational costs.
energy management platform for condominium managers

More features for your business ?
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Improve sustainability, save time, meet compliance and reduce your energy costs.

Benefits of our
Energy Management Platform

We are here to help you achieve your sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

If you need any help in your decision process, we’re right by your side.

Better energy buying decisions Compare different contracts from different suppliers based on your real data and estimated future consumption. This allows you to always have the best price and model for your needs.   
Trustworthy Budgets Predict partly or completely (depending on the kind of contract you have) what your future spending will be. Make sure to keep your budgets in line with your general strategy.  
Compliant reports and certifications Generate automated reports to be compliant with (local) rules and regulations. Automatically report and/or export the right data to apply for certain certifications like ISO 50.001.  
Anomalies and inefficiencies Automatically detect abnormal energy consumption and zero usage meters and protect yourself from wasting a lot of money and CO².  
Invoice verification and split billing Automatically verify incoming invoices with real consumption and the correct contracts and clauses. No more manual work, never pay too much anymore. Re-allocate and split the energy invoice between your tenants based on their real consumption, automatically  
placeholder Time savings for all Thanks to our all-in-one energy management software, every single stakeholder will gain time, have easy access to insights and thus, be even more productive!