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Energy Management

We help organisations reduce costs, save time and improve their sustainability.

Energy Intelligence

Make better buying decisions and reduce costs

We empower you to make smarter energy purchasing decisions. Our AI-driven tools give you real-time insights into energy market prices and can predict future trends, enabling you to buy energy at the best times.
Energy Management Software to reduce costs

Save time

Spend time looking at insights and take relevant actions. Stop spending time gathering, cleaning, reporting and analysing energy data for your buildings. Automate reporting so you have all the info you need to make better decisions. Use our bill processing and validation feature to avoid manual repetitive tasks and ensure your company isn’t paying too much.
Energy Management System Automation
Get Insights

Go for more sustainability

Identify energy spillage inside your company and its buildings. Take actions to lower down the consumption without lowering the comfort or output of your organisation. 

Sustainability Energy management Software

Be compliant

Create reports both for internal and official external reporting on your Carbon Footprint. It doesn’t matter how many different buildings you need to report on, it’s always just a click away.
Carbon Footprint Compliance software

Industries we work with

How it works

Trinergy inforgrphic3-1
"Thanks to Trinergy our cashflow survived the challenging period during the energy crisis of 2022 - 2023"
Nexity Belgium

"The invoice verification and approval flow is very detailed and offers clear and full traceability. The perfect audit trail!"

Cushman & Wakefield
Cushman & Wakefield
"Trinergy helps us save budget and time, which leads to happy co-owners and tenants.
The reasons we partner with Trinergy are multiple:
- A top-notch customer-centric service
- Integrated digital solutions 
- Our sustainability goals can now be reached."
"Trinergy helps us with energy expertise, end-to-end supplier management, a digital multi-fluid platform and critical insights that allow us to take CO2-reducing business decisions."